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Education Outreach

Hotel Punta Islita's long-standing partnership with local neighbors is a key component of our unique experience because a healthy community is a truly welcoming destination! 

Through the years, we have led innovative programs that have earned national and global recognition for their impact, scope, and sustainability.  Our education outreah programs are an ongoing endeavor and are supported by the hotel in partnership with guests, friends, business peers, and local NGO's, and government entities.

The New Islita School

Our most recent initiative is the construction and inauguration of a brand-new Islita School.  Featuring a ground-breaking eco-architectural design, cutting-edge electronic tools, and stunning public art, it embodies the collaboration of the hotel, guests, associates, and business partners.

The innovative design prompts natural ventilation, lighting, and cooling.  It was donated by renowned Costa Rican architect Ronald Zurcher to provide an optimal learning environment for children in remote tropical locations.  Highly replicable, it sets a living example to maximize opportunity for children in the region.

Established Costa Rican artists from Perro Cerámico were invited to create a collaborative public art project in partnership with local Islita artists.  The stunning murals embellish the school and add to the Islita Art Museum collection of open-air pieces.

Islita Creative Center

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The Islita Creative Center provides complimentary education opportunities to local children and teenagers with the goal of instilling critical thinking, healthy lifestyles, and environmental awareness in its youngest neighbors. Toddlers enjoy subsidized nutrition and early stimulation in the areas of motor skills, language, and socialization. 

Older kids benefit from beginner’s English, arithmetic, reading & writing, science, and social studies. The Islita Creative Center hosts after school programs to encourage creative and critical thinking, self-esteem, and inquisitive drive. Attendance is voluntary and free for all participants. Art, creative play, and research are at the core of the Center’s curriculum and activities emphasizing the use of computers, high-speed Internet, and multi-media equipment.

Jon & Janie Mangus Children's Center

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Located at the heart of Islita, the Jon and Janie Mangus Day Care Center tends to local children with ages ranging between nine months and six years old. The Center's namesake reflects the love and commitment to the community that is embraced by our friends.  The Mangus family found in Islita the perfect place to build a Villa Home and establish a connection to the land and people, greatly contributing to the Day Care Center's success.  After Mr. Mangus passed away, their legacy continues under a renamed institution.

In addition to a healthy meal plan, youngsters receive complementary education that emphasizes critical thinking, English as a Second Language, and environmental awareness. Its success is a tribute to the generous involvement of Hotel Punta Islita's home owners' association in collaboration with the Villafranca-Zurcher Foundation.