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Local Fauna Recovery

  • Red Macaw Flying
  • Red Macaw
  • Red Macaws of the Ara Project
  • Turtle Expedition
  • Turtle Expedition

Our partnership with regional conservation NGO’s has made Hotel Punta Islita's eco-system more colorful and fascinating. The surrounding tropical dry forest is thriving, evidenced by the healthy numbers of howler monkeys, large iguanas, and exotic birds. Two standout projects have jumpstarted the recovery of sea turtles in nearby Camaronal Beach and red macaw populations in the Nicoya region.

The most recent program involves a full partnership with The Ara Project. Jumpstarted in the 1980's by a retired expat American couple The Ara Project is now staffed by a dedicated group of scientists, administrators, and volunteers who have successfully reintroduced close to a hundred red and green macaw specimens in three wildlife release sites in Costa Rica. Hotel Punta Islita is proud to host the program’s headquarters, donating a plot of land, a specialized aviary cage, living quarters for a biologist, and the biologist's wages. The recently- inaugurated Lapa Lookout is an education and viewing center where guests can learn and participate in the recovery and release efforts.

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