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Islita Art Museum

Authentic Cultural Experience in Costa Rica

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This Costa Rica art museum is the flagship of Hotel Punta Islita’s sustainability model.

The Islita Art Museum is an innovative cultural program that pairs established Costa Rican artists with local counterparts, transforming Islita village into a living museum featuring colorful murals, installations, and sculptures.  

Guests can enjoy an authentic cultural experience by visiting the art studios, purchasing signature pieces, or creating art with local artists.

Current Museum Exhibit | Ariela Kader

May 23 - June 24, 2015

The Islita Art Museum is proud to host "Waste Meet Your New Home" by Costa Rican artist Ariela Kader.  A vindication and celebration of the discarded, it is the result of an exploratory process in the town of Islita, where a new life was given to that which ceased to fulfill its original purpose.

Wrappers, plastic bags, bottles, newspapers, cans and other quotidian items find new life through added value. During six weeks, the artist led workshops and artistic interventions with the community, as well as producing her own artwork. The result: a panoply of color, a parade of joy that surges from altering ones gaze upon that which society rejected.

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Enjoy an authentic cultural experience in Costa Rica at the Islita Art Museum.