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Authentic Costa Rica Wildlife Discovery

  • Howler Monkeys Expeditions

Hotel Punta Islita is surrounded by intense tropical forest, exuberant coastal wetlands, and marine ecosystems.  It is a perfect Costa Rica destination for wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, and photography buffs.

These experiences are part of the Limitless Costa Rica program and are offered at no additional cost*.

Monkey Quest

  • Monkey Quest

Did you know that Howler Monkeys are the loudest land animal?  Costa Rica's rich natural diversity is fascinating!  The raucous howler monkey is among the largest monkey species in the Americas. Its whooping growl can be heard over a 3 mile radius. Highly social, howler monkeys travel in groups of up to eighteen members. Your guide will bring a spotting telescope to better enjoy a close-up look at these creatures.

Sea Turtle Egg-Laying Adventure

  • Turtle Expedition

An unforgettable adventure for all ages! Witness the captivating egg-laying ritual of endangered sea turtles. This nighttime experience takes place in nearby Camaronal Beach where you will search for turtles as they peacefully emerge from the ocean. Your guide will use a special red light to avoid disturbance. Made possible by Hotel Punta Islita in partnership with the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and conservation NGO’s. Seasonal: July to November


  • Bird Watching in the morning

Birding enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to see and photograph up to 35 different species in their natural habitat. Your guide will bring along a telescope and binoculars to enhance the experience.

  • Turtle Expedition
  • Red Macaw Flying
  • Monkey Quest (1)

*Subject to availability. May be pre-booked with your stay. Blackout dates apply.